Brian talks about May's Wood Project

We added another 160 acres of farmland that is currently being used for both cattle and arable farming to the land already owned in Bere Regis area. In September 2013 the farmland started to return to its ancient state and become a woodland, once again. It provided a corridor for wildlife and a recreational space to be enjoyed by all.

Over 100,000 mixed trees were planted which will not only provide a varying canopy height but will also provide a variation from dappled to dense shade. The woodlands will have over 60 acres of open area and with hazel coppice and other tree coppices that will provide homes for a multitude of wildlife.  

We hope the scheme will complement the existing area and will provide a wonderful space for all creatures including humans to enjoy. Part of the land has been retained by the Parish to be used for a village school and a nature reserve that will link to the newly named “May's Woods”

There are Special protection areas already within the vicinity and this woodland scheme will complement the existing areas.



There are no plans to introduce any new wildlife species into the woodland. We will be working with Dorset Wildlife Trust and the residents of Bere Regis to assess the impact of the renovation on existing flora and fauna and to adapt our plans appropriately. 

Recent Press that accurately followed our announcement of the new planting scheme in Bere Regis

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