No havens for ravens

The world has gone mad, or at least the Scottish Natural Heritage has. What a deceptive name for an organisation that grants licenses to kill a native species! Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has issued a licence giving the go-ahead for the ‘culling’ of hundreds of RAVENS - a scheme driven by game keeping and farming interests - over a large area of Perthshire.

The five year licence is for what is claimed to be an ‘experiment’ to see what impact the removal the ravens has on populations of wading birds. So the plan here is to kill the highly intelligent raven, in order to - maybe - benefit another bird species? The licence has been granted to an organisation calling itself the ‘Strathbraan Community Collaboration for Waders’. So who are the members of this organisation? 

Anne Brummer CEO of Save Me Trust said; “It’s interesting that the area in question covers several grouse shooting estates. So one has to look deeper to find the real reason for this carnage. In the grouse season, millions of battery-bred grouse are released defenceless on Scottish moors just to be shot for fun by people who enjoy killing, which of course makes millions of pounds for the local owners of the shoots”.  

“ Ravens will predate on young grouse and certainly will have adapted to this huge influx of small birds as a food source. So it’s in the interest of the shooting industry to eliminate this ‘competition’ from native birds. Hence this now 'legalised' slaughter of Ravens, under the pretence of ‘conservation’. SNH has commented that they “don’t feel granting the licence would impact on the raven population”! 

Most hunting estates in this area are known as ‘raptor sinks’ because every raptor that goes in there disappears (many are tagged in the interest of genuine conservation efforts). Recently a white-tailed eagle mysteriously disappeared in this very area. Hunting estates kill the raptors because they feed on the grouse, which the shooting industry want to preserve, so they are available to killed by the shooters. 

A similar licence for the destruction of buzzards nests was recently granted in the UK - again on hunting estates. These areas are becoming sterile environments where native wildlife is removed, and only the grouse and pheasants that are bred to be killed are allowed to exist.  

This is in no sense conservation of the British natural countryside. It’s an underhanded and cruel way of keeping a vile business lucrative, and the British public should insist that their governments stop it.  

Queen legend and founder of the Save Me Trust, Dr Brian May said; “Here we see yet another example of the cynical and cruel shooting industry killing our native wild creatures and destroying our countryside environment, under the pretence that its conservation. Shameful, and must be stopped.”