After the senseless vanity killing of Cecil's son Xanda, just two years after Cecil's death, we must have a new law. That law is Cecil's Law. Cecil’s Law will stop hunters importing their gruesome trophies back to Britain. We are calling on

Prime Minister Theresa May and the government to introduce legislation that would make animal heads, skins, claws and teeth contraband.

We are outraged by the illegal slaughter of Cecil and now his son Xanda, and find it despicable that Britain has allowed the importation of lion trophies with the correct paperwork. Official figures show that between 2010 and 2013 three skins, seven skulls and sixteen “trophies” arrived in the UK.

Animals everywhere are currently being abused all around the world and, tragic as Cecil’s death was, it opened the eyes of the world to this despicable practice - yet it has happened again. Now we must act. Britain needs a Cecil’s Law which bans the import of animal trophies from any country and we should stop trophy hunting in this country too.

We were impressed that some airlines actually took it upon themselves to lead the way, by banning the transport of these trophies. All respects to them. Now we need to see our Prime Minister show leadership by banning trophy imports. It could be done very quickly if the will is there. We believe that the British public would enthusiastically welcome such a law. 

Together, we can deliver Cecil’s Law for the UK and set an example to the world. Over 1000 lions are bred and slaughtered as trophies every year in South Africa alone, with black-maned males - such as Cecil  - being the most highly prized.

Canned hunting is an industry that hides behind several deceptive fronts. Young lions, often inbred, are raised with human interaction and used for ‘cub petting’, walking and tourist “selfies” in their early days. They are fed and trained to interact with humans until fully grown when they become available for the trophy hunters. The lions, now used to routine feeding and human presence, present no challenge to the hunter who shoots them within the enclosure. They even drug the lions to make the killing easier. The ‘hunters’ only want the head and maybe the skin as trophies.

The remains of the lion, including bones, paws and claws, penis and internal body parts are then sent to the far east to be used in traditional Asian medicine such as “Lion Brew” - an alleged virility-enhancing drink containing ground lion bone.


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We are working with cross-party MP's and the following organisations to create Cecil's Law: 

Animal Defenders International (ADI) 

Animal Aid

Badger Trust 

Born Free

Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH)

CAFH Blue Fox

Conservation Action Trust

Cullinan & Associates Inc.

Drakenstein Lion Park


For the Love of Wildlife

Four Paws South Africa

Great Plains Wildlife Films


Hound Off 


Hunt Sabs

Invent Africa Safaris

Lion Aid 

Lions Rock Big Cat Sanctuary


National Council of SPCA

Network for Animals 



Save Me Trust