Wearing your heart on your sleeve 

In 2012 Brian Rocked the Olympic closing Ceremony with his legendary guitar solo of 'Brighton Rock' followed by 'We Will Rock' with Jessie J and Roger Taylor. It was a fantastic night for sport, for music and for Britain. Brian  wore a spectacular suit for the ceremony. 

Statement on Brian's Olympic suit released on 12th August 2012

'Brian’s Jacket designed for the Olympics was in keeping with a core theme that ran through the opening ceremony. The UK is world renowned for its green countryside and the rich wildlife that inhabits it. Our landscape and wild animals have inspired books, films and songs internationally. Brian is well know for his passion for wildlife and it was a natural step to add these creatures to his jacket. He has become involved in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife in recent years and this has motivated him to found Save Me, a group that gives a voice to wild animals. The jacket features wildlife close to Brian heart including a fox, badger, hedgehog, buzzard, two herons and an adder most of which are protected or in decline.'  By Anne Brummer