Welcome to our special page within this site for those of you attending the Queen and Adam Lambert Concert as Brian's guest.

We would like to introduce you to some of Brian's work as a compassionate wildlife campaigner and founder of our trust by clicking in the links on this page.

By donating here, you are helping the work of the Save Me Trust; please take a few minutes to look at our projects and Brian passion. The Save Me Trust is an organisation founded by Brian May in 2009.

Bri is passionate about wild animals and has campaigned for the last few years on issues relating to the UK and international wildlife.  The Save Me Trust aims to give wild animals a voice and speaks out about those who cruelly use animals for sport.   

We hope you enjoy the amazing concert or gift and thank you so much for supporting Brian and his charity by clicking on the link below to donate. We really do appreciate such fantastic support. 


Thank you 

Our latest campaign is Amazing Grace. Brian recorded a track to highlight the plight of hedgehogs in the UK. The campaign is called #AmazingGrace in honour of Grace a rescue hedgehog that came into Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue last autumn, underweight and suffering from 'fly-strike' in a deep wound to her neck. 

Our hedgehog population in the UK  has dropped dramatically from 35 million to less than a million in the last forty years. We want to highlight the dangers faced by hedgehogs in Britain today and the threat of how they could be extinct by 2025 - that’s less than 10 years - unless we can help them."

We need your help too - we are asking animal lovers to make videos or take selfies quoting one of the hedgehog facts on the website – www.gracethehedgehog.co.uk – and putting it on your social media using the hashtag #AmazingGrace. Then, ask your friends and family to share your post and make one themselves; if we all made some simple changes to it could bring hedgehogs back from the brink. Read the information on our website and we will help you make your village hedgehog friendly.