Save Me Trust The end of fur import scandal? Press Release

by Nigel
on 26 March, 2018

PRESS RELEASE  Save Me Trust – The end of fur import scandal? 

Brian May and his Save Me Trust team will be at no 10 today at 10.30 am handing in a petition to ask for a total ban on the fur trade in the UK 

Back in 2003 England & Wales lead the world when we introduced the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act that put an end to cruelty and suffering of animals on fur farms. 

But we shouldn’t be complacent. Since banning fur farming here, the UK has imported at least £650m worth of fur. Much of this fur is from farms overseas where the animal suffering is just as bad, if not worse, than the cruelty we deemed unacceptable in this country. It seems we have simply outsourced fur cruelty from the UK to other countries in Europe, Canada and the Far East. And it gets worse. Not only is fur being imported and sold in the UK, but a significant amount of it is being labelled as faux fur.  In 2017 an investigation by H S I UK and Sky News left many British shoppers horrified, revealing that trusted retailers such as ASOS and House of Fraser had inadvertently sold real animal fur labelled as faux fur.

Real animal fur sold as fake on British high street - Sky News

A Sky News investigation finds fur consistent with four types of animal being marketed as faux fur on British high streets. 

This cannot be allowed to continue. Britain banned fur farms because the British public demanded an end to 'fur cruelty'. Save Me Trust has always opposed the fur trade – cruelty is still cruelty – wherever it happens. 

With fur back in vogue, we are horrified and disgusted that British shoppers have been 'duped' into buying real animal fur from rabbits, mink, chinchilla, fox, cats and dogs – that is labelled as faux on products such as jackets, skirts, coats – but also gloves, hats and shoes. Some of the cheapest "trinkets' - such as rabbit foot key rings are real – and for less than £5 - How that sentient animal must have suffered only to become a handbag ornament! 

Save Me will be meeting with Environment Minister, Michael Gove this week as we work with the government and other animal welfare groups to bring an end to the fur scandal on Britain's High streets.  

 Save Me Trust CEO said; “It seems incredible to me that in this day and age an animal can be kept in the most appalling conditions and skinned - so that people can wear its fur. It’s quite simply disgusting. There are many alternatives, real fur is ugly on a human. Fur should only ever be worn by the animals that grow it. As we see, Michael Kors, Viviane Westwood, Gucci and Versace have all declared fur as inhumane, the final result must be to ban the sale of fur. We should stop UK fur sales and immediately improve labelling so the public isn’t duped into buying real fur labelled as faux”.

For further information please contact

Nigel Palmer Tel 01344 625800 or email [email protected]

Save Me Trust was founded by Dr Brian May and Anne Brummer to give a voice to animals. Since 2009, we have campaigned to protect and strengthen the Hunting Act - to bring an end to the unscientific and inhumane badger culls - to end fur imports into the UK and ban fur farms around the world - and on many other animal welfare issues such as Elephant poaching, Puppy Farming, Wildlife Crime, Captive cetaceans and Grouse shooting. We oppose all blood sports and any form of cruelty for human ‘entertainment’ to animals.