Kimblewick Hunt

by Anne
on 07 January, 2019
Hopefully the world will see the truth about illegal hunting. 
Well done to the HSA for this vital footage to expose the cruelty.
Fox being pushed through an artificial earth by a rod where the poor creature  has been trapped ready to be released  in front of the hounds says it all. the fox was placed in the drain the night before . 
This is showing to the world what we already knew - this is about cruelty and its a bloodlust activity.
Trapping wild animal to torture is both illegal and twisted. I hope the National Trust and the land owners are looking at this and will ban trail hunting from their land.  Fox Hunting was banned in the UK in 2004 and came into force on the 18th February 2005
A group of fox hunts decided the ban wasn’t for them and continued to carry on hunting illegally and  aided by unwitting  land owners, the cruelty continued.
  • Hunting the Clean boot is legal and they won't catch foxes 
  • Drag Hunting is legal and they won't  catch foxes
  • Trail hunting is a fictitious name dreamt up but those who continue to ignore the law and think they are above it and continue to torture wild foxes.
This is disgusting and has no place in this century. The Kimblewick Hunt needs to be prosecuted and stopped from this sick and evil pastime of breeding foxes to throw to hounds.  This is one of the most prosecuted hunts - wake up land owners. 
We would expect to see a prosecution by the police of these easily identifiable people who work for the Kimblewick Hunt or we will seek a private protection ourselves
Brian talking about illegal Fox Hunting