Voting For Animals

26 September, 2012

Voting  For Animals

Ha! We made it into the election photo round up of the day on the BBC! and I finally got to stand on a real Soapbox! (as opposed to my time-honored virtual one) Bri.

In the UK we get one chance every five years to vote for who we wish to run our country. Every citizen can read manifestos and listen to the debates then choose who is going to best represent their own personal set of circumstances and world view. The decisions governments make affect every aspect of our education, our health, and our working lives. Who runs this country matters in real, practical ways!

Some, like Russell Brand, feel that this one vote is not enough; that the interests of the people are not really represented by government and election promises are broken once in power.

Imagine then if you had no vote at all. Imagine a life where others choose the conditions you live in, the ways you can be used and even control how you die – yet you have no power to affect these decisions and no voice to speak up.  This is the reality for animals in the UK.

The lives of domestic pets, farm animals, wildlife and the millions of animals in research laboratories are dictated by decisions made by the government. The government that we choose for them! If you care about animals, then please remember them at election time. 

Remind your candidate that they represent a huge non-voting constituency of living, feeling creatures who rely on them.  Question your candidate on their animal policies, let them know that animal issues matter to you as a voter.

Make your vote count for animals.

To find out what animal advocacy groups think of the issues at this election, please follow these links:

Common Decency

The League Against Cruel Sports

Animal Aid

Credit: With thanks to Steve and Marianne Wintercroft for designing the masks featured in our Votes For Animals campaign.