Green Oscars: Anne Brummer wins Animal Hero Award 2018

Anne Brummer, trustee and founder of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue and CEO of Dr Brian May's Save Me Trust receives a national award for Services to Wildlife. Congratulations to our CEO, Anne Brummer who has won the prestigious Animal Hero Award 2018 for services to wildlife. Dr Brian May said: I can’t give you a full impression of what Anne Brummer does in a few moments. All I can say is that she has benefitted wildlife in this country for a few years now” Anne and Brian’s dynamic partnership began with the release of foxes and Badgers on the grounds of Brian’s estate - that has now become a forever home for wildlife. The chance discovery of a hedgehog trapped in wire fencing has led to radical changes in the life of Anne Brummer and the thousands of wild animals she now helps heal and get back to the wild every year.

Anne explains “I was walking my dog when I noticed a hedgehog trapped in a wire fence, his back legs were bleeding. I had some cutters in my bag - no surprise to anyone that knows me - and cut away the fencing around the hedgehog and took him to the vets”  “I didn’t know at the time that this was the right thing to do, the vet removed the fencing and said the hedgehog would need a few days rest and monitoring - and handed it back to me”  “Before the hedgehog was released I had already taken in some other animals - and, as they say - the rest was history!” 

Anne set up Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, initially from her home in Camberley, but the volume of wildlife needing their help increased and the charity moved to Windlesham almost ten years ago. 

In addition to the direct work of helping animals the charity launched the Amazing Grace Campaign - that is saving Britain’s hedgehog’s - one village at a time. Harper Asprey’s home village of Windlesham was the first ‘Hedgehog Friendly” village and has already been joined by four other wards within Surrey Heath, with West End set to become the fifth ward with its own Grace Day community event at the Hare and Hounds on Saturday 29th September. Today, Anne heads up a team of over 50 volunteers and Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue helps thousands of sick, injured and orphaned animals every year. Harper Asprey helps all wild animals but has become particularly well known for its work with hedgehogs, helping around 600 hedgehogs last year alone.  

Anne has been running a wildlife education programme in local schools for many years and often meets parents who still remember her talks on wildlife in the early days. Local schools are keen to book the wildlife talks, that link to the curriculum and some schools now have soft release areas for hedgehogs as part of the Amazing Grace campaign. Anne has dedicated her life to wild animals and working to ensure that the area has suitable habitat that works for people and wildlife. We were thrilled that Anne was nominated for the Animal Hero Services to Wildlife award and delighted when she won the award at the ceremony in London last week. Anne said; “It’s incredible to have received this recognition but I share this with our amazing volunteers. We couldn’t continue to help wildlife without their remarkable dedication and hard work” Many of them have been volunteering with us for a number of years but this is a special day for all of them for their care and commitment” 

Anne is also CEO of Save Me Trust that she co-founded with Queen guitar legend Brian May. Back in 2009, William Hague announced that the then, Conservative opposition would repeal the Hunting Act and allow the hunting of wild mammals to begin again in England and Wales.  Anne said ‘Brian and I was shocked and saddened that a political party would even consider reintroducing cruelty back to our country - W knew something had to be done” Within weeks the Conservative Party announced plans to introduce 

Badger culling in a misguided attempt to resolve the issue of bovine TB Anne said “ I had read the RBCT report and what the Government was saying wasn’t what I was reading, It was clear they didn’t know anything about Badgers” - for us, that was it and Brian and I decided to form a new charity - called Save Me - to Give wild animals a voice. Anne continues “That was nearly 10 years ago. Since then we have protected the Hunting Act. David Cameron attempt to repeal the act by using an SI (Statutory Instrument) ended in failure and when the Hunting card turned toxic for Theresa May in last years General Election when she failed to maintain an overall majority” Hunting has no place in a modern society It needs to be confined to the history books immediately” 

Save Me is one of the most dynamic wildlife campaign groups in the world. With Dr Brian May, Anne is the driving force at Save Me, often working behind the scenes. She said: “Wildlife deserves and needs or protection. If we do not protect it it will not survive. 52% of our Wildife has disappeared in the last 20 years. It is happening on our watch and incumbent on us all to find a solution. We must engage with government, big business, developers and the farming communities to find a sustainable solution that is workable before it’s too late.  ” 

Save Me campaigns against the exploitation of animals be that for sport or their body parts like fur, tusks or trophies. 

Our AmazingGrace campaign is saving Hedgehog’s one village at a time. 

Save Me campaigns to protect our planet, people and the animals we share it with. We want to see a world where animals are respected. Our groundbreaking Farm project in Devon has removed BovineTB from an intensive dairy herd without killing any Badgers - and we were instrumental in securing new legislation to stop third-party puppy and kitten sales in England and banning the use of microbeads that are killing our oceans. 

Anne is the link between the ‘hands-on’ work of the Rescue Centre and the lobbying and campaigning of Save Me. 

Her energy is legendary, her commitment combines with her passion to ensure that no animal suffers be that from injury or sickness to exploitation and persecution.

If you share our vision for a brighter future for people, wildlife and our planet Join us and be a voice for wildlife by becoming a friend of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue and Save Me Trust  Watch the video here:

Queen guitarist and animal campaigner Dr Brian May has picked up the Observer Ethical Campaigner of the year award for the highly successful Team Badger and Save Me campaigns run this year to protect the badger from the unethical, unscientific and flawed badger cull. The Observer is the world's oldest Sunday newspaper, part of the Guardian Media Group. The Observer Ethical Awards were founded nine years ago to celebrate individuals, teams and companies fighting for environmental and social justice in the UK. They have been dubbed the 'green oscars'.

Previous winners include Joanna Lumley, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, James Lovelock and Malala Yousafzai.