Save Me Trust Statement - Badger Culling in England Low Risk Areas

Following George Eustice’s Ministerial statement today to confirm that he intends to enable badger control measures in the LRA (Low Risk Areas) we issued the following statement: 

Save Me Trust is saddened to hear George Eustice’s announcement today that he will enable badger culling in the Low Risk areas of England.

The policy of culling badgers is deeply flawed and has yet to produce any evidence that it is reducing Bovine TB in cattle.  Extending badger culling into Low Risk Areas of England will not remove Bovine TB from cattle herds and all available science shows it will make matters worse.

The disease lies latent and undetected by the current tests, wherever the cattle are based, and until we remove Bovine TB from the herd, both cattle and wildlife will continue to suffer from this devastating disease.

This decision makes no sense and does not relate to the science. Culling has no benefits for farmers, cattle or wildlife and will put a further cost burden on taxpayers.

Save Me Trust remains committed to finding a viable solution to Bovine Tb. We will continue to work on our project farm in Devon that has become officially TB free after many years of chronic breakdown without the killing of any wildlife.

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