on 21 August, 2018

Michael Gove announces a ban on Puppy farming in UK 

Well, at a stroke, Michael Gove has made puppy farms history. In his speech yesterday he gave credit to the forceful campaign led by Marc Abrahams of Pup Aid, and the massive wave of support in the public for this new law - Lucy's Law. Under the new legislation,

puppies and kittens can no longer be treated like merchandise. And the terrible suffering of animals condemned to a life of forced breeding, often in squalid conditions will hopefully be eliminated. The story of Lucy herself is heartbreaking - and so many other animals used as 'breeders' suffered the same torture. No more. Well done Britain. Well done those who cared enough to make this happen. Bri

Britain’s much-loved dogs and cats are safer today following Michael Gove’s announcement of a ban on third-party puppy and kitten sales and a range of animal welfare measures that will put an end to the horrific trade in puppy and kitten farming in Britain. After fighting this as one of our key campaigns we are delighted to support Micheal Gove with  this new legislation to end the horrific abuse suffered by breeding cats an dogs and the male studs on puppy and kitten farms

Save Me’s CEO, Anne Brummer said “We have been campaigning for a ban on third party puppy and kitten sales and here it is. We are delighted that Michael Gove our very own MP in his role as Environment Minster has listened to us and acted on the animal abuse and squalor of commercial breeding farms for both puppies and kittens. The measures announced today will end the suffering of tens of thousands of breeding dogs and cats and help to ensure that puppies and kittens are born and raised in healthy and happy environments with their mum” 

Save Me's founder Dr Brian May said "This is a very brave step which will go a long way towards protecting dogs and cats from suffering. For so long the law has allowed the callous pet trade to exploit them with no regard to their welfare. By pushing this legislation through, Michael Gove has signalled the end of the cruel Puppy and Kitten Farms and once again confirms his personal commitment to raising the level of humane treatment of animals in the UK.  This great result is the culmination of a brilliant campaign led by Marc Abrahams founder of Pupaid and Lucy's law supported by hundreds of thousands of British animal lovers. 
This will stop puppies and kittens being sold in pet shops, via newspaper ads or on the internet. Breeder must have mum and puppies present so that you can see them interacting together We recommend any prospective owner to visit a local rescue or shelter as they are full of wonderful animals just waiting to find their forever homes. Great news, great legislations for Micheal Gove and DEFRA.