Caring for and protecting wildlife

The Save Me Trust exists to give wild animals a voice.

It was founded by Dr. Brian May and Anne Brummer to look at the issues affecting wildlife today.

The Trust campaigns in parliament to add amendments to the current Hunting Act. We object to the current badger cull policy based on scientific grounds and continue to work to show the science and the folly of the cull. The Save Me Trust has planted over 150,000 trees as part of it's woodland generation programme. These trees will be protected and remain in place as sustainable wildlife habitats forever. We campaign for greater protection of elephants, lions and cetaceans (whales and dolphins) We continue to work to stop the exploitation of wild animals used in sport, entertainment or for their fur and body parts.

In the last twenty years over 50% of our wildlife has gone.

The Trust works in partnerships with NGO’s, the government and the commercial sector to effect change on every level. 

The way we live today, climate change, increased human populations and pollution remain the most significant factors that are directly causing the rapid decline of the creatures we share our world with. By working together we can achieve change on a sustainable level that support wildlife, business and the environment and gives every inhabitant of the planet a secure future.

The Save Me Trust 




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