• Giving wild animals a voice

    The Save Me Trust gives wild animals a voice. It was formed in 2009 in the run up to the elections.

    It was created by Dr Brian May and Anne Brummer to speak out about the cruel minority in our society that persecute and torture wildlife for 'sport'.

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  • The Badger Cull

    The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has now added its voice to that of the Independent Expert Panel (IEP) in finding that the pilot badger culls have failed.

    The cost of implementing the badger culls is now a major concern in an era of government imposed austerity.

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  • The Hunting Act

    We are totally opposed to dogs killing wild mammals for human pleasure and 'sport'.

    We encourage the humane sports of drag hunting and lure coursing to retain all the traditions without the need for cruelty.

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  • Save Me Woods

    Our woodland restoration project in Bere Regis is restoring farmland to woodlands to create a wildlife corridor 

    Keep updated through the seasons with our project here and join us on our woodland days ......

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  • Wildlife Rocks

    An amazing day that brings together wildlife and entertainment.

    Wildlife Rocks is an event that celebrates the wildlife that surrounds us. It is a fantastic day to share wildlife experiences with fellow wildlife enthusiasts through music, talk and fun ...

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  • Hunts, Stunts & Spin

    "Never lose sight of the fact that one really well-beaten cub killed fair and square is worth half a dozen fresh ones killed the moment they are found without hounds having to set themselves to the task. It is essential that hounds should have their blood up and learn to be savage with their fox before he is killed." (Late Duke of Beaufort)

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  • Racing Extinction

    Director Louie Psihoyos lays out the case that the world is already in the midst of a sixth mass extinction. In just a century, the film notes, half the species on Earth may be gone.

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Latest News

Giving wild animals a voice

Trust to Challenge Cull Licences


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Our Hen Harriers are missing


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Defra shows increases in TB in cull zone

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Triumph on the Hunting Act by Bri

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Failed attempt to bring back fox hunting


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Fox Hunts Breed Foxes

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Cecil's Legacy is Cecil's Law

"It would be wonderful if all the new determination by the public to end this senseless slaughter, inspired by Cecil’s death, were turned into action, to end such atrocities. We believe such a step would be welcomed by the vast majority of the British public - in a sense, Cecil’s legacy. Progress towards outlawing cruelty to animals is above politics. It is about dignity, decency and humanity. We call on all who care about our fellow creatures to sign the new petition to bring in Cecil’s Law”

Dr Brian May - Save Me Trust

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Racing Extinction


Campaigns, Projects & News

Giving wild animals a voice

Associated Campaigns

Projects we are currently involved with

Team Fox

Team Fox is a coalition of animals groups united to keep the hunting ban in place. Fox hunting is not a ‘tradition’ that needs to be protected  

The humane sport of drag hunting, in which the hunt follows an artificial trail, has all the tradition withoutany of the cruelty. Nevertheless, traditions are measured in more than years. They have to reflect the values and attitudes of a society and the vast majority of the British people today oppose hunting with dogs. To bring back fox hunting is to bring back cruelty.

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Badger and Cattle Vaccination Initiative (BACVI)

The Badger and Cattle Vaccination Initiative engages with farmers, government and stakeholders to find a sustainable and effective path for the reduction of bTB in cattle and wildlife. 

Why vaccinate badgers against bovine TB?

Vaccinating badgers reduces the severity of the disease in those that become infected after vaccination. A reduction in the prevalence and severity of disease in the badger population will

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